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To All the Boys: Always & Forever (2021)
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Boo, Bitch



Check out this new interview for Lana’s upcoming show Boo, Bitch. In it, she discusses playing her character Erika:

Lana Condor: You know, it was really such a roller coaster and often times a whiplash of a journey for me. Erika’s journey is really on polar extremes, so you start seeing just a really sweet, loving, kind of friendless, but she has Gia. But very very sweet, and you watch her entire arc into basically being kind of the worst human. That, for me, was interesting because tracking emotionally how I could subtly make that change, I didn’t want it to feel like it was out of nowhere, but then again we have this much time to make it work. But I think tracking that subtle change into full “bitch mode” was interesting.

Once I lived in that “bitch mode” space, that was where my whiplash came because I’ve never done anything like that before. I’ve never played a character that horrible to people, especially to friends, so, that was interesting for me. It was like kind of flexing a new acting muscle that I hadn’t done before. It also made me sad because I would go home and be like, “I was such a mean person!” But it was fun. I enjoyed the challenge of copping a range in a show, for sure. 

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