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To All the Boys: Always & Forever (2021)
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Lana was featured in Elle Singapore with an interview all about her new show Boo, Bitch:

What has it been like getting to explore the genre of comedy?

Oh, it’s awesome and ridiculously challenging. It is so hard to make people laugh. Honestly. Comedy is such a formula. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like there are beats to be hit. Oftentimes, you kind of can create these really comedic beats simply with your physical presence. I think To All The Boys was considered a rom-com, but it’s not like slapstick funny. But this show is very much a comedy. And because it was a fairly new genre for me, it was challenging — but it was a welcomed challenge because it was also very, very rewarding. Once you got the take that made everyone laugh, you feel very, very good.

Source: ELLE Singapore
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Lana is featured on the cover of Elle Canada for April 2019! I’ve added some scans from the issue to the gallery.

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