Welcome to Lana Condor Fan, an unofficial fansite for the actress Lana Condor. You may know her from the popular films To All Boys I’ve Loved Before and X-Men: Apocalypse, and also the SyFy TV show Deadly Class. The goal of this site is to show appreciation for Lana while providing a resource of news and media for other fans.
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Lana was featured in an article for the NY Times, where she learns how to make sushi. I’ve added some photos to the gallery.


Inside a bitsy fish store in Brooklyn, Lana Condor switched the blowtorch on. “Power!” she said brightly on a cold Friday morning, as a blade of butane flame shot from the canister. “Oh yeah.”
Ms. Condor, 21, who wields a sword as a teenage assassin in the new Syfy action series “Deadly Class,” is an enthusiastic home cook. During a break from promotional rounds, she had signed up for a sushi class at Osakana, a tiny temple devoted to locally sourced fish in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.
She had no idea that it would include weapons training. She clearly didn’t mind. “Holy cow!” she said as the skin on slices of golden tilefish began to sear and crackle.

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